Seth M.

Seth M.

My grandma always called me her beautiful angel and now shes my beautiful angel.

Reilly B.

My mother was ways a giving person. She would literature give and give and give even though what she had was very little to give. While cleaning out her apartment after she passed I found a box labeled “gifts for family” that had dolls, electronics, toys etc for her grandkids. While closing her bank accounts it was found that she had automatic payments coming out from various nonprofit and Christian organizations. So it seems very fitting and within her character to be an organ and tissue donor. I know even if she could help one person through her donation or help some advancement in procedures or technology she’d be grateful.

Jarod P.

Hoping the donation of my husband ,will help in learning more in the treatment of cerebral amloyd angioplasty for all.

Leslie B.

My grandmother was a young mother of 5 kids. She did her best raising them, worked in factory, restaurants, custodial, as you can see she did a number of things. She was a great mother and an even better grandmother. She was always helping people in one way or another, and then came this amazing opportunity to help people even after she had passed away. Even though my grandmother had dementia and didn’t always know what she was doing she knew when hospice came in that she wanted to donate her body to help others after she had passed and I think that that is the greatest gift she could have ever given anybody and for the company to help her make that dream come true was truly amazing.

Mary Q.

It was my husbands wishes to donate every part of him that could be used to help in any way possible. Making the call was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. They were very compassionate with us and made things as easy as can be during this difficult time.

Michelle B.

Kim was a kind, loving mom, wife, sister, aunt and daughter. She had the amazing ability to make you feel like old friends after only just meeting. She could and would stop and talk to anyone, anytime. She left us on St.Patrick’s day of 2016 after a long battle with Crohns disease and more recently heart problems. She was a light of life to everyone, especially her family and nieces and nephews. She was very proud of her son and the man he grew to be. Kim had always planned to donate her organs to help people and body to medical advancement, knowing she could help others who suffer with these diseases. I was honored to be able to see her wishes through. Kim will be missed terribly by her family and friends, but we take some solace in knowing her final act was to help others.

Jeff D.

My husband passed away on March 7, 2016. Both of us are organ donors, but because of the infection in his leg and numerous other organ complications, his organs would not be of help to anyone. He had two strokes in 2001 and several others through the years, and he always said that he wanted his body to be donated to science so that maybe they could figure out what went wrong with his brain in the hopes that they could prevent others from what he went through for 15 years. I hope that by donating his body it will help them help someone else. God bless you for the work that you do.

Maureen S.

Debra was my younger sister by 14 months and she was part of my life for 66 years. We grew up together, entered adulthood and motherhood together, and stayed close friends until her death two weeks ago. She enjoyed her youth as most of us do, and was so happy to marry and become the mother of two daughters, and subsequently the grandma of four. She worked very hard after her daughters grew up and proudly supported herself until she became disabled from Crohn ‘ s disease sometime in her late forties or early fifties (developing Crohn ‘s at 30 years old). She also fought a brave battle against COPD in her early sixties, and other health issues. Through most of her adult years, she suffered with severe illnesses, but had the strongest will to live, and always had hope that she would live to experience a cure for the diseases that ravaged her. She loved her family so much, and fought hard to remain with them, and be a part of her grandchildren’s lives and memories. She did just that, with her courage and strong will to live, and lived much longer than a lot of people would have. She didn’t want to give up. But two weeks ago, our loving heavenly Father decided she had suffered enough, and called her home to heaven, where she is now whole and pain free. I am so proud of her for donating her body for research with the sincere hope that the research will benefit others in the future. She talked about doing this for years and lovingly followed through at the end. Debra was a wonderful, beautiful, sister and friend, and I will love her and miss her until we meet again. Rest in peace, my precious sister. You deserve it. ♡♡♡

Linda R.

As difficult as it was to see my parents move on, your company provided a service that not only helped me financially, but provided me with the remains of my loved ones…who both wished to be remanded to Mount Susitna in Alaska. Their ashes will be joined with many of their friends on what would of been their 53rd wedding anniversary. God blessed me with 50 wonderful years with them and will reunite me when it is my time. God bless you all for the work that you do..:)

Patrick M.